How to enhance a room with framing and mirrors

How to enhance a room with framing and mirrors

Did you know that custom mirrors and framing can change everything about rooms where they're added? This service is well worth your time and attention, with options that cater to décor, design schemes, and current trends.

If you're new to these upgrades, you'll want to learn more about them before remodeling. Here are some ideas that could help you add the perfect finishing touches.

Mirrors add so much

Customizing the mirrors in any room can add style, intrigue, and grace, with a timeless visual appeal that matches any décor. But in small spaces, these custom mirrors can give the illusion of more freedom to make the room feel larger.

Mirrors are also an excellent way to create a focal point, to draw the eye to a specific space. At the same time, their placement works when you need to cover or hide something.

Customize your framing

A customized frame can add a subtle element in any space with color, style, design, or placement. Framing can be more than just a visual décor piece hanging on the wall.

When you utilize the process of custom framing in Fort Smith, AR, it can be to preserve and archive materials that are dear to you and your household. Customized presentations turn mementos and keepsakes into pieces of art that are preserved forever.

Choose our showroom for your custom mirrors and framing

At Allison Sales Co., we cater to your needs with custom services and products that meet your requirements. Our design specialists are on hand to help you navigate budget-conscious to high-end products and the unrivaled assistance we offer with them all.

You’re sure to find excellent custom picture framing and mirrors in our showroom in Fort Smith, AR. We cater to Fort Smith, Van Buren, Alma, Greenwood, AR, and Muldrow, OK, and we’re here for you when you’re ready to remodel your space.