Everyone loves hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular materials on the market today. It's stylish, long-lasting, and durable, giving you the benefit coverage you need. With something for every room in every home, it could be the surface you've been waiting for.

These floors are excellent for various styles, from rustic to contemporary. And with a professional installation, they can last more than 100 years. So, consider all your options as you learn more about these floors.

The longest lifespan

Engineered wood flooring can last up to 30 years with professional installation. These floors are also an excellent option for dampness and humidity areas. In addition, they resist scratches, scuffs, and light spills, keeping your floors in great shape. Solid hardwood flooring has the most extended lifespan, with plenty of options to ensure it. Of course, professional installation and regular maintenance make a big difference. But you can also refinish these floors once wear shows for excellent results.

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Visuals you'll love

The classic and timeless appeal of wood floors is a great way to flatter your interior design. But it can also be a neutral background to play up your space. You'll have many visuals, including colors, formats, and installation layouts. Don't forget to consider all the current trends for this flooring type. Each one offers specific benefits that will serve you well over the years. And since trends can last, you may never need to upgrade as long as your flooring is in place.

Wood floor installation and upkeep facts

Acclimation is the first and most crucial part of your hardwood flooring installation. It ensures your floors will not crack, split, or warp once in place. It can last from one to three days, depending on specific factors. Maintaining your wood floors is easier than you might think. Installation, sealant, and texture types can help make it even easier. And you can also use runners and area rugs to ensure the protection of your flooring.
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